At Takuma Foods, we have planned, developed and brought into the world many new food products to meet the tastes of
people of different ages and needs. We strive to create products that are in line with consumer needs, and are always
working hard to create products that are brand-new. Through the combination of our management technologies, our own
unique techniques and the forward-thinking attitudes of each of our employees, we make a high level of quality,
always-on-time delivery and a high level of cost vs. performance a reality.


    Our Trading Division works to procure goods from overseas, based on the requests from our customers that are collected by our sales staff who travel all over Japan. The division obtains ingredients to meet these needs and researches new products, primarily in Asia. Our sales staff and president personally go overseas to find new ingredients, expanding our field of procurement even more.


    At Takuma Foods, we also manufacture original food products based on our manufacturing expertise, in response to the needs of so many customers up through the present. Since we have our own manufacturing plant, it’s easy to get moving and adapt to the changes, so that we can make the Takuma Foods snacks that our customers will love even more.


    We stand out from the rest of the crowd with our ability to individually package products in a variety of sizes. Our customers really appreciate the fact that Takuma Foods offers all kinds of product packaging from small to large, and from simple to complex designs.


    At Takuma Foods, we've acquired the FSSC 22000 certification for food safety since JUL, 2019. (FSSC 22000 refers to a food safety management system that meets high global standards. The system was developed by the FSSC: Foundation for Food Safety Certification.) There are still not many companies that have acquired this certification. We are very proud of our safety management system that meets global standards, to provide a stable supply of safe food products to the consumer. Our Quality Control Division strictly enforces detailed inspections of the ingredients and of the processed and completed products we make.

That's why...
  1. We offer a wide range of

    Owing to our ongoing business in areas from raw ingredients to manufacturing and wholesales, Takuma Foods has accumulated a wealth of knowledge that other companies simply can't touch. Our sales staff possess a high level of experience and a great deal of information, all of which are useful in making top-quality recommendations to respond to the needs our customers. In some cases, we’re able to create samples to meet customer requests within just one week after consultation— and these speedy actions and abilities to make great proposals are particularly valued by our customers.

    We offer a wide range of recommendations
  2. A large number of

    Every month, we create around four or five brand-new products. In addition to investigating Japanese products, our group company TKM surveys products overseas, giving us the ability to plan products with global appeal, including many products that are the first of their kind. The environment at Takuma Foods is conducive to bringing together a constant stream of many new product ideas and materials, both in Japan and overseas.

    A large number of products
  3. A wealth of
    OEM experience

    With our know-how and track record including a wide range of recommendations, a numerous product lineup, flexible packaging solutions and more, Takuma Foods has the answer to many OEM needs. Maybe that snack you see in the store, or the one you’ve always been eating was made by us. If you’ve been wondering, “could this kind of product be made?” or “could we market in this way?”, we definitely encourage you to get touch with us.

    A wealth of OEM experience