We've got Japan sitting in our lap!
Our sales staff are always fired up and ready to go to make our customers satisfied!

The sales staff at Takuma Foods know well that feeling of fulfillment after creating a new product... or when the product is ready to be manufactured on the production line... or that great feeling of achievement when seeing the product lined up on the store shelves... or that feeling of relief when we hear that our customers are delighted with what we’ve made. It’s these things that energize us.



We aim to create the kinds of products we would buy ourselves if we saw them in the store.

Our varied and diverse production lines allow us to achieve a high level of production efficiency and quality, to meet the needs of our customers. We tirelessly work to keep improving the cost, quality and delivery dates of our products, so that our customers are satisfied.



Aside from taste, the products that we sell must be made with safety, bringing our customers peace of mind.

To supply products with stable quality, we carry out quality inspections from the acceptance of raw ingredients to our in-house processing, and we also conduct inspections of the concentration of residual oxygen in our nitrogen-filled individually packaged products, as well as a physical function test. Further, we carry out preservation tests to determine the appropriate use-by dates. We also handle requests such as documented standards from our clients and the creation of ingredient labels, as well as product requests from consumers and clients. As part of our internal activities, we go to the manufacturing workplace and provide guidance to further improve awareness, in order to make our product manufacturing even better.

Clean bench for inspections

A clean bench is a machine that allows for tasks to be performed in a bacteria-free environment. The machine uses a system that draws in air from the upper side, which passes through a filter and is then circulated free of bacteria into the workspace, maintaining a sterile environment. Clean benches are used for inspections that need to be done without bringing in bacteria such as microorganisms from the outside. At Takuma Foods, we inspect all lots for each shipment of ingredients that we receive, such as marine products and dried fruits. We also perform inspections on all lots of the products that we process.

Other inspection devices and auxiliary inspection equipment:
Active moisture measurement devices, moisture meters, pH meters,
residual oxygen concentration meters, incubators and warmers,
autoclaves (high-pressure sterilizers), thermostatic ovens
X-ray screening

We use X-rays to check for foreign particles in our packaged products.(In this case, the foreign particles would not be detectable using a metal detector due to their high density. This test also detects metal.)

Print reader cameras

These cameras are used to make sure that the necessary text has been printed correctly on our products.


We want the whole world to enjoy
Takuma Foods products!

This group exports the snacks that Takuma Foods makes, primarily to China and Taiwan. The group handles the sales activities aimed at overseas clients and markets on their own, and introduces our products there by surveying the needs in each country and assessing what the customers might want. Our Trading Division is well-versed in international business transactions and the culture and customs of our client’s countries, so that we can flexibly handle any requests from individual countries to customize our products, creating original food products to match their needs.


T.K.M.Co., Ltd.
(Group company)

We want to bring the delicious foods of the world to the people of Japan!

TKM is a group company of Takuma Foods. This company is responsible for importing the ingredients used in our products as well as the products themselves from overseas. TKM’s slogan is “safety, peace of mind and high quality,” and their employees go to visit manufacturers in each country to find ingredients that can be imported back to Japan. From time to time, they also ask these manufacturers to create original ingredients or to manufacture and develop new products. Although TKM’s current focus is Asia, they intend to broaden their horizons towards other countries as well, by going to each country and making sure that everything is completely up to our specifications in order to develop and introduce the ingredients that will make Japanese consumers happy.

T.K.M.Co., Ltd.