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Personal Information Protection Policy

Takuma Foods pledges to protect and respect the personal information provided by our customers, such as their name, street address, e-mail address and other information that could be used to personally identify them (hereafter called “personal information”), with an awareness that the handling and protection of this information in an appropriate manner is our social responsibility as a company.

Purpose of use
We will not use said personal information from our customers for any other purpose aside from providing our customers with better products and services, or providing our customers with useful information.
Collection of personal information
We obtain personal information within the necessary scope from our customers only after clarifying the purposes for which this information will be used.
Sharing of personal information with third parties
We will not disclose or provide the personal information provided by our customers to any third parties aside from our outsourced vendors and affiliated companies without the permission of the customer, except in cases where there is a justified reason for doing so (such as compliance with legal ordinances).
Outsourced vendor management
When providing personal information to our outsourced vendors and affiliated companies, we contractually require said vendors not to leak or to redistribute such information, and we manage this information in an appropriate way.
Management of personal information
Takuma Foods strives to keep our customers’ personal information up to date, and we work to prevent risks such as the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of said information.
Inquiries, corrections and deletion of personal information
We will promptly respond to requests from customers regarding the referral, correction, addition or deletion of their personal information, within reasonable means.
In addition to complying with related ordinances and codes regarding personal information, we perform ongoing reviews and make improvements to our initiatives regarding the above items.

Please read the above policy, and select the “Agree” check box if you have agreed to these terms.